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Then, cheap scary costumes use a dark eye shadow all around the eye to create that un-dead look. Then, mix green and black shadows together for the creepiest color to darken the eyes, cheekbones, nose, and forehead. Blend it all together and then outline the bones in the neck, the outsides of the nose, and the mouth. Complete the look by using a tutu and black Converse or Mary Janes. Run amok this Halloween by dressing up as Winifred, the head witch from Hocus Pocus — you can also turn this into a fun group costume by recruiting two friends to go as her witchy sisters, Sarah and Mary. So they wore scary clothes dressing up like ghouls, witches etc and made spooky noises in order to confuse the ghosts that they were dead and not living. Even with ghosts you can have either the friendly ghost or the scary ghost so it really depends on what you want to be and who is helping you dress up.

If you have a little boy who wants to participate in the witch costume club, spooky halloween costumes you can dress him up as a little wizard with similar attire. According to Wikipedia, the tradition of Halloween began with the Celts when they would mark the end of summer by celebrating their loved ones who had passed on. Automobile accidents change lives and in some cases end them, and with the increased number of pedestrians roaming the streets during this festive season, it is all the more reason to stay sober and attentive while driving. If you’re more of the type to go all out and look evil and spooky instead of cute and trendy on Halloween night, try this scary green witch costume.

The red hooded witch leaves everyone wondering how someone looking so lovely can be so evil. Looking at Halloween through your toddler’s eyes makes it easier to understand why the holiday can create anxiety and overwhelm them. The over-excitement of Halloween plus a late bedtime can be a recipe for behavioral disaster. And a party is the ultimate place for fancy Halloween costumes that add a lot of glamour and blitz to the occasion mainly due to the standard Halloween garb donned by most common people. Just add green face paint. This zombie look requires you to apply makeup to the neck and shoulders as well as the face. Whether you want to realistically resemble a zombie or you want to create some gory effects to your skin, your Halloween makeup kit should include alcohol based makeup. First, sponge on some light makeup. Grab your makeup bag and plant yourself in front of a well-lit mirror.

But there’s no one more glamorous (or easier to dress as!) than the original Supreme herself, Fiona Goode. Speaking of costumes, there are also the ones modeled from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. 60’s were all about black dresses like the one being seen to Audrey Hepburn. Just today he quizzed me about Halloween night: “Are there going to be spooky monsters lurking in our neighborhood? It is going to be important that you remember, some years it is going to be very cold, and in some areas, it will even snow! You will need a pair of boy’s cowboy boots. Clearly, not all witches need to wear all-black or a pointy hat; in fact, the staple piece in the Scarlet Witch’s costume is a red leather jacket.

This cute costume is cozy, vibrant and will keep your kiddo warm during the potentially chilly weather. Pajamas make up a majority of this outfit, which means your toddler will be comfy and cozy all night. Of course, we all know that they are not real but with some ingenuity, you can really make a boring costume come alive. Make sure that what you choose is what you want; that simple. What seems to be simple fun to an adult can really confuse your child. Your young child is just now figuring out who they are and how they are separate from their parents. Parents carried those to small to walk on their own. The episode manages to balance humor with the seriousness of the doctors’ everyday lives in the way that only MASH could.